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Wonder Cube

Project Overview

In this project, we experimented with gesture control in common household devices. By rotating a simple geometric cube, we are trying to incorporate more interactive and accessible ways of performing the basic functions of switching on and off appliances in the house. In turn, the design intends to make the living experience more interactive and accessible

The cube works in conjunction with the remote switch


Power adapter is the intermediary switch between the lamp and the power source.

Physical Prototyping

The switch acts as an intermediary between the charging device and the socket. It contains an NRF module that communicates remotely with the cube and turns on and off the current based on the signal received.


Adapter for AC Power Wall Plug Duck Head
(for convenience, we designed it to fit the Apple wall plug duck head)


NRF unit installed in the shell for remote communication.


Socket component: Plug existing lamp into the socket and the unit acts as a remote switch

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