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This is a derivative project where each stage proceeds the other and inherits meaning from other. 

    - Within a class of 20, students individually started with a set of cyanotypes by exposing found objects under the sun.

    - Combined in a group of two, the students further translated two separate sets of prints into a single interactive "mass" that is within 15" x 15" x 15". 

    - Then in a team of four, we combined our "mass" as well as the previous prints in fabricating four set of costumes to be worn on the body.

    - The translation process continues with combining two groups of four in producing a small pavilion that would be able to contain all eight bodies and encompassing all the meanings carried before.

The hierarchy of the project, therefore, started from a  2D projection of shadow(cyanotype); to a "mass" to be held by hands; to a costume to be worn on the body; and then to a structure that contains the body. In addition, the number of participants in a group increased from one to two, to four, and to eight, which translated into more layers of meaning being added as well as more meanings being lost in the process.

Through planning and making, we also learned the fundamental principles of design and manufacturing, where methods and chain of commands are laid out according to the design, and while manufacturing the final product, each member of the team also gradually learned to be responsible for making the particular part they are most efficient in. In turn, a manufacturing line take place.

The theme of my print series revolve around the regeneration of language as symbols develop into meanings and literary narratives. To embody the prints into a mass to be handled in hand, I thought of a puzzle, where individual pieces have distinct shapes, yet they can be ordered in ways to form a complete form and meaning.


Taking into consideration common factors such as tension, cutout, angle, empty space amongst two different versions of mass.

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 9.53.31 AM.png

Air, tension, empty space, mass, intersection.

final 2.jpg
Final 3.jpg
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