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Sleep Lamp (In-Progress Project)

In this project, I wanted to experiment with Arduino and the idea of a living device. A lamp that breathes with the user, or changes its condition based on the biological pattern of a user. 

An idea that came to mind is a night lamp that adjusts brightness based the level of wakefulness of the user during sleep. When the user wakes up at night, the lamp turn on, when the user enters the deep sleep mode, the lamp turns to dimmer state.


The approach I decided to experiment with for measuring stages of sleep is through a wearable component. With an embedded accelerometer, the wearable component collects data of the user's movement and plugs it into the algorithm to decide if the user is in deep sleep mode, light sleep mode, or awake. 


Prototyping Stage (Arduino)


This is the schematic of the lamp, the components are composed of arduino Nano, LED light strip, segment display, real-time TM 1637, switches, MOSFET, and power source.


This is an on-going project. So far, I have finalized the idea through iterations and interviews from potential users. I brainstormed through sketches and mind maps. In the next steps, I will be experimenting further into the form of the lamp and how it can influence its relationship with the user and how it embodies the biological state of the user. I also will be experimenting with various materials and textures. In addition, I will be doing more user testing with the existing schematics.

To be continued...

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