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Haptic Therapeutic Device

The current market is awash in devices that maintain physique, appointments, social connections and etc.. Amid this clamor, mental wellbeing tends to get lost.
With consultation from several
psychosomatic and behavioral therapists, we are developing a device that can assist its users in dealing with a range of common maladies including anxiety, depression, and insomnia. This device will also act as a point of connection in remote therapist/client relationship.


User/Market Research

Wondercube - Frame 6.jpg
Wondercube - Frame 5.jpg
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Wondercube - Frame 3.jpg
Wondercube - Frame 6.jpg

Survey On Device Feedback

We surveyed 400 participants on their familiarity and preference regarding device feedbacks such as sound, light, and haptic.
The results showed that most participants prefer haptic sensations in the devices they have contact with. They have also indicated feelings of fatigue and strain from overexposure to blue light. 

Interviews With Therapists

I interviewed several therapists in learning about their practices and understanding the potential applications of haptic in relieving psychosomatic stress.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 4.23.14 PM.jpg

Scott has established an effective method for connecting his clients with their physical sensations and alleviating those that are negative. The practice can be administered in many ways and is easy to learn. Our goal is to leverage the brain's innate sensation processing capabilities.

Scott Mckinnis

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 9.21.25 PM.png

Establish a powerful symbol for user such as wolf or elephant and remind the user to meditate on the idea of the symbol at specific times. We looked into stimuli/practices that can help regulate the automatic nervous system.

Celeste Labadie(LMFT)


VMT - Voice/Movement Therapist
The device's stumuli haptic can be a focal point for meditation/mindfulness (be used in combination with Scott's exercises).
By vocalizing worries, one may alleviate them.

Eve Pollak(VMT)

Research On Related Haptic Devices

I researched existing products on the market that promotes relaxation through hearing, smell, moisture, habitual movements, and pressure. The research indicates design opportunities for haptic devices that could devise more customized therapeutic sessions with users through various sensations.

Wondercube - Related Design.jpg



Sketches & Quick Models

I experimented with forms that can be held easily by hand and at the same time bring confidence and comfort to the user holding the device. In addition, I wanted to bring the sense of familiarity with analog devices back to this experience, taking the users apart from the clamour of the digital world and ground them in the sensations of the moment.

IMG_2556 (1).jpg
IMG_2553 (1).jpg

First Iteration Of Modeling

We decided upon a wearable over a handheld device because of its portability and versatility. It allows the users to go through their haptic sessions in conjunction with their daily activities.
At the same time, the device takes form of a regular watch to bring back a sense of familiarity and security of a therapeutic tool.


Iterations of Casing Design

We experimented with different 3D printing techniques and materials, from ABS plastic, to PLA plastic, to resin. Eventually we used resin for the final prototype because of its fine finish, smooth texture for touch, and translucency for light.


Hand Strap Prototyping


Flex Resin Printed Strap

The face of the hand is much more sensitive than the back of the hand. The goal of this design is to experiment with more versatile haptic experience.

Final Iteration

The device is primarily white in color. The strap is handcrafted in leather and wraps around the battery compartments. The glove is embedded with additional haptic motors that can be attached and detached from the main device body to create more immersive haptic experience.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3f7b (1).jpg
Schematic_Destructive Devices Wristband_

Circuit Design/Testing


Light, Haptic, Touch Test

We started from simple block diagram, then progressed to breadboard circuitry, coding, and testing of various components, including heart rate sensor, haptic motor, LED light, microphone and etc..

Des_Dev_Haptic_Watch_V1.txt _ Arduino 1.

PCB In Situ

PCB is located at the main circular body of the device, and the two batteries are located in the two rotational sides.

Custom PCB Design

Using EasyEDA, we customized our PCB for smaller storage and therefore more compact exterior form.

Inbox - - RISD Google Ap

Here is an example of video therapy session with Celeste. An ongoing investigation we are delving into is the integration of remote therapy with the haptic device. 

Sychronization With Therapist

We simulated the device to be synchronized with a personal therapeutic session with Celeste Labadie. As Celeste explores the various emotional areas with her clients, the device at the same time materializes the abstract into actual sensations through light and haptic. In this way, the user can follow the familiar voice of their own therapists and be guided at the same time by the device itself to better visualize their feelings.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3f39 (1).jpg

We envision that this could become a tool for therapists to devise their own remote sessions with their clients and integrate the haptic features into their practice. For example, therapists could record a video session and design the haptics in conjunction with their voice or graphic. In this case, remote therapy won't simply entail staring into the screen but rather receiving tangible feedbacks from the device.

UI Development

UI Development

Synchronization With Senz App

Senz is able to project haptic, light, and audio responses at varying capacities. The app allows the users to customize their experience and keep track of their interactions with the device.

Browse for existing haptic programs

There are pre-existing haptic programs that are geared towards a range of daily activities of the users. 

Customize your own haptic sessions

- Touch: Adjust the rhythmic beat patterns as well as the frequency of vibrations. The user may place the touch at any point of the timeline.
- Light: The user may adjust the color, brightness, duration, and placement of the LED light.
- Sound: The user may download sound track from existing platforms, or record their own voices.

Connect with your therapists

Personal therapists can establish stronger connections with their clients through the app by designing personalized sessions that synchronizes with the device. The user would be able to exercise remote therapy anywhere and anytime. 

Personal Profile is the main page of the app.

- A calendar that displays the various sessions scheduled throughout the week. The device will automatically remind the users at those times.
- A Playlist that includes a list of programs in which the user may access directly from the device.
- Program History that displays the sessions from the past.
- Personal Therapist whom the user has connected through the app

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