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PolyCharge Power Bank

Crowdfunding Campaign/ Branding/Marketing

PolyCharge Power Bank

This is an entrepreneurial project with a fellow designer Kennedy Liu (the main engineer of the power bank) in launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the goal of pushing the power bank into production. I worked as the brand designers and crowdfunding strategist for the campaign.

PolyCharge is the first product under KRALYN Studio. It is a startup studio based in Providence that focuses on creating high-performance electronic products with modern aesthetics. The brand strives to achieve open source design in promoting a community of users and testers who could help expand the functionality of the product.

Brand Background

signs for THE.png

Brand Repositioning

Polycharge is the second generation of power bank design from KRALYN studio. Its predecessor Aurora based its branding on the theme of minimalism and futurism. Although it highlights the dark theme and monolithic color scheme, the branding lacked individualism.

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 8.09.48 PM.png
Power Cahrging.png

Market Brand Research

We looked into precedents of successful Power Bank Campaigns and analyzed the main factors contributing to their competitive advantage.

2021-04-19 18_39_29-FROST SUMMITS_ Always Have Power Wherever You Go _ Indiegogo.jpg
2021-09-10 14_24_32-SUPER_ World's Most Powerful 215W USB-C Powerbank _ Indiegogo - Person

These campaigns all took a pragmatic approach by focusing on the available features of the power bank and at the same time highlighting the specific scenarios of application and user journey based on its targeted user groups (outdoor, tech hobbyists, business).

Brand Graphical Elements

Say Hello To Polycharge

The most versatile power bank with flexible power output options and customizable modules supporting AC charging and other add-on features.

The choice of the font is inspired by the dot matrix design of the power bank. The aesthetic intends to re-enforce the brands identity by corresponding to the unique design of PolyCharge.


User Group

Polycharge appeals to a wide user group because of its versatile power output options. Specifically it is a great choice for outdoor athletes, college students/professional with laptops, and drone/camera hobbyists. The user group we are looking at enjoys a modern and simple lifestyle, they spent most of their time outside and on the move. They are also tech savvy and work extensively with power intensive electronics.


Final Graphics From Campaign

charge with all.png
2021-07-02 02_08_31-Photos.jpg

The graphics above are used in the crowdfunding campaign. They highlight the different features of the power bank through renderings and photographs.

Website Development



The Most Versatile And Modular Power Bank To Power All Your Devices

Social Media Advertisement

2021-09-10 23_14_01-PolyCharge Power Bank _ Facebook.png
2021-09-10 23_17_01-PolyCharge Power Bank _ Facebook.png

Campaign Outcome

2021-09-10 23_18_51-PolyCharge_ The Most Versatile Power bank _ Indiegogo.png

The campaign received $29000 of funding from 129 backers. This money will be used to help manufacture the power bank and push it to the market!

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