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U+2640 is a company that sells a wide range of female hygienic products, from menstrual pads, to feminine wipes, to lotion, shampoo, and body wash. The products are sold in kits tailored towards specific lifestyles, needs, and occasions of their target customers, ranging from beauty kit, traveling kit, self care kit, first period gift kit and etc…

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+Luv is one of their main products of U+2640. It is a first period gift kit for family members to gift their teenagers upon their first period. The kit teaches good practice of self care from an early stage and removes any fear or frustration that comes with period.

period pad 3.png

Brand Graphical Identity

company name.png
company name.png
company name.png

U+2640 derives from the female sign unicode character. 


The font choices try to embody femininity as well as youth as the products are geared toward young teenage girls.

R: 231
G: 88
B: 37

R: 248
G: 159
B: 96

R: 249
G: 187
B: 162

R: 251
G: 232
B: 211

R: 215
G: 185
B: 146

R: 140
G: 201
B: 202

R: 91
G: 126
B: 135

R: 26
G: 36
B: 52

The design employs mostly pastel color to invoke a sense of comfort and security.

love sign.png
period pad.png
face mask sign.png
spot dot.png
cleanser sign.png
period calendar.png

The aesthetic of the packaging uses the symbol L as the main motif creating different patterns and colors for the different products in the kit.

face mask.png
wash pattern.png

Packaging Structure

period pad.png
big box 2.png
box sleeve final.png
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face mask2.png
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period pad2.png
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