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Intended User Group

Intended for young students and professionals who take pride in simple ways of living. These groups of people do not own a lot of products at home since they believe that the value and quality of products outweighs quality. 
They are equally passionate about their professional life as well as personal life. They like to travel and would love to have products that accommodate these needs.

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Branding Statement

Bags tend to engender a person's sex, social status, and profession. Specific styles are often attached onto certain groups of people. For example, women tend to wear handbags, students wear backpacks, lawyers have briefcases, and engineers wear backpacks. T-Square advocates for the simplicity and versatility of a bag and at the same time attempts to break apart the boundaries between professionalism and personal life.

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Operational Sequence

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Color Scheme

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Model of backpack

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Orthographic Drawing

Development of A Product Line

To bring the comfort of one's identity and home life to the place they work and go, I expanded the design of a bag to a humidifier and water jug.

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